Order of Ceremony




[Guest and extended family all standing. Music recommended]

Welcome & Introduction

The “giving away”
“Who gives this woman away…?”

Opening Remarks
[Everyone except wedding party now seated, if applicable]

Declaration of consent

“___, will you take ___ to be your lawful wife/husband…for better for worse, for
richer for poorer…”
“I DO”

Exchange of vows

“I, ______________ (groom), take you ____________, to be my wife, to have
and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer…

Ring exchange

Readings and/or musical selection (optional)

Declaration of marriage

“I now pronounce you …”
“Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Mr. & Mrs. _______”

[Music recommended]



[Music recommended]

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