Handfasting Ritual

___ and __ have asked ___ to bless their marriage in a handfasting ritual. Would you all please approach now?
Many cultures, including Native American and Celtic traditions, include a binding ceremony to solemnize a marriage, to demonstrate the bond between the bride and groom as well as the infinite nature of the bond. Woven into the cloth that binds their hands are the hopes and dreams of this couple and the blessings of their friends and families for their new life together.
___ and ___ also desire the support and love of their families and friends in maintaining their bond. Therefore, they have asked ___ and ___ to do them the honor of binding their hands,
In the fashion of this knot, so are your lives now bound. May this cord draw your hands toward each other always in love, never in anger. Hold tightly to one another as you do now through all life brings you, and watch as your strength grows. Remember that it is not this physical cord, but what it represents, that keeps you together.

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